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Roger Torrenti

Sigma Orionis

Roger Torrenti graduated in 1976 from Ecole Centrale de Paris, one of the leading French “grandes écoles”. He began his career as a research engineer at the French Atomic Energy Commission. In 1979, he was given the management of a research center linked to the French Ministry for Industry, focusing on the use of information technologies in energy systems. In 1984, Roger founded Sigma Orionis and is still its CEO and main shareholder. He is often invited by national or international institutions to act as an expert in ICT and international cooperation. Roger has coordinated many EU-funded projects in the last 15 years, including the PARADISO and PARADISO2 FIRE projects (2007-2011) exploring the interactions between ICT/Internet and societal developments in the next decades. Roger’s mother tongue is French, he is fluent in English, has a good grasp of German and Italian, and is a beginner in Chinese. His passions include art, philosophy, photography, mountaineering and basketball.