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Robert Beckett

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Robert Beckett

My Ph.D. (2013) in management science (Institute of Management Research, Radboud University, NED) included a study of dialogue practice undertaken by seventy three multinational corporations from within their their CSR and sustainability programmes. This study concluded with an evaluation of dialogue and participation as the underpinning practices within democratic process. The findings from this research resulted in several important innovations that together integrate into a coherent programme currently being funneled into the UN decade of 'Education for Sustainable Development' (2005-2014) by a network of collaborators. In 2001, with colleagues, I established the Institute of Communication Ethics (ICE) after first moving into the not-for-profit sector via a membership organisation founded by The Body Shop International (1995), with hundreds of multinational corporations as members.

I am currently a freelance communication researcher with fifteen years of experience in the not for profit and commercial advertising, design, marketing and media industries, commencing my career in 1985 with Leo Burnett International.

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