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Renato Lo Cigno

Prof. Renato Lo Cigno is Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications (DISI) of the University of Trento, Italy. He received a degree in Electronic Engineering with a specialization in Telecommunications from Politecnico di Torino in 1988, the same institution where he worked until 2002. From 1998 to 2006 he has been several times at the CS department of UCLA, CA, as visiting researcher for a total of more than one year. On the first visit he was supported by CNR grant No.203.15.8, and was awarded a final prize for scientific productivity.
In 2001/2002 he was scientific director of INLAB, the Integrated Networking Laboratory of CSP Piemonte, now “NGN Lab” (
Since 2009 he has been delegated by the Rector of Trento University to supervise all ICT services and infrastructure of the University. In this capacity he has the responsibility of the strategic design and specification of services as well as the long term evolution of the technological infrastructure support.
Renato Lo Cigno participated in several research projects funded by ESA (TOPSIM development and validation), the EU (Cost 242,247,257, Copernicus ATMIN, IST Helinet, Napoleon, and Discreet ( and the Italian Ministry of University and research (MIUR) (MQOS, Planet-IP, EURO, and others). He has been the National Coordinator of the PROFILES project (, and he the Coordinator for Trento University in the MIUR TWELVE project ( He has been involved in the EU 7-th framework project Napa-Wine ( financed in the first call 1.5 “Networked Media” as coordinator of the Work Package devoted to the P2PTV client study and development. Currently he is the supervisor of the Post Doc grant "PAF-FPE – Privacy Aware content Filtering for Future Pervasive Environments (" financed by the Trentino programme of research, training and mobility of post-doctoral researchers, incoming Post-docs 2010, CALL 1, PCOFUND-GA-2008-226070.

Renato Lo Cigno is member of the IEEE and ACM. He has served in the Editorial Board of Computer Networks (Elsevier) for 5 years. He is the Steering Committee Chair of WONS, an annual workshop with IEEE ComSoc and IFIP technical sponsorship; he has been General Chair of WMASH 2006 and WONS 2007, TPC Chair of WONS 2004, WMASH 2005, MSWIM 2006 and has been appointed Publication Chair for Infocom 2013, and General Chair for IEEE P2P 2013. He is regularly involved as TPC member of major international conferences in networking. He has co-authored over 120 papers in networking published in refereed international journals and conferences.
His interest are in development, design, and performance analysis of networking systems and protocols, with particular attention to changes in communication paradigms from client/server models, to peer-to-peer models, to pervasive/ubiquitous.

Renato Lo Cigno has a long-standing experience in the design, definition and development of networked systems, with specific reference to both Internet and web based systems as well as mobile and nomadic systems.

Research Interests: