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Karmen Guevara

University of Cambridge


Karmen Guevara, a Visiting Scientist at the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University, is a Human Scientist who specialises in incorporating the human dimension in the design of interactive technologies. Her expertise lies in the socio-cultural, behavioural and psychological use of technology.  She specialises in cognitive architectures, mental models and the design of human interface enviroments.  Her 30 years experience spans the areas of user requirements capture, human-computer interaction design, user-system evaluation and cognitive adaptive system design.  She has led several major projects for the Ministry of Defence in the areas of diagnostic research in human related breakdowns in critical software systems, failures in software intensive systems, usability and human requirements for system design.She holds a Ph.D. in Human Sciences from Loughborough University, UK, which was sponsored by Xerox PARC. She was a member of research staff at Xerox EUROPARC, the Human-Computer Interaction Research Centre, in Cambridge, UK.