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Juan Ortiz Freuler

Lawyer (UTDT), Justice Initiatives coordinator and researcher at (NGO) - Argentina

Creator of "Concursos Transparentes Initiative", has been opening data, promoting crowdsourced control and using big data software to show flaws and manipulation of formally competitive judge selection processes in the City of Buenos Aires.

Blog (in spanish): (over 85,000 views - created in 2010)

#12Diputados Campaign
Designed strategy, defined tools and modeled platform against 3 laws included in a major judicial reform in Argentina. Coordinated support from other NGOs for what became the fastest growing online petition in Argentina (140.000 signatures in 7 days) – #12Diputados -> + The Senate, controlled by the ruling party, declared campaign was "undemocratic and extorsive" (pg 97 -> - rebuttal here Supreme Court later ruled main law was unconstitutional.

Created Concursos Transparentes II to visualize and explain different selection processes coexisting in Argentina and promote debated reforms that include citizen participation & active transparency: (launched 18 sept 2013)

Researched on how Supreme Audit Institutions throughout Latin America use and could use technology to strengthen accountability mechanisms and foster participation (and thus create stronger grounds for social accountability)
Interested in furthering studies on Public Policy with focus on internet, any suggestions?