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Florian Fischer

I am Research Associate at the Institute for Internet and Society in Berlin.

My research interests lie at the intersection of urban sociology and digital technologies. I’m dedicated to explore and assess new modes of digital communication, collaboration, transaction and gamification and their interweavement with the urban social fabric, with a special interest on social location applications. My expertise is on Urban Studies, the Geoweb and Mobility Studies.

I conduct user and governance studies on mobile media, social software, location services and networked objects, aiming to evaluate and inform interaction design and urban development strategies in a digital society. From a methodological point of view, I’m interested in how sociological and ethnographic urban research can be insightful for a policy-oriented and user-centered design of urban information technologies.

I completed my PhD at the Institute for Geographic Information Science, at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, in 2012, where my main areas of research have been local search, location sharing, augmented reality gaming and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) with a particular focus on reception studies in the context of urbanism, recreation and tourism.
My PhD research investigated how users link social location applications to their lived spatiality and thereby foster new forms of creativity, governance or empowerment related to the constitution of the city.

I studied Urban Geography, Geoinformatics and Mobility Studies at University of Munich (LMU) & University of Technology in Munich (TUM). My professional background is framed by various work experiences in risk assessment, transport planning, geo-marketing, educational GIS and the implementation of web-based geo-services.