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David Luigi FUSCHI

Director & Chairman at Bridging Consulting Ltd, currently operates as Research Fellow & Grant Writer at Brunel Business School, Associate Editor Edit at Bioinfo Publications Journals and member of the Professional Advisory Board of Health Psychology Management Organisation Services.
Honorary Professor of Project Management & Problem Solving at the Catholic University of Cordoba in Argentina where he is also Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and at the ICDA Business School, Lecturer at Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Clerici, Italy.
Expert Evaluator for the EU-IST (#EX2002B008660), EU-CIP-PSP (#EXICTPSP6456), EUREKA!, UK-TSB, Polish-Norwegian, Qatari and Italian PRITT programmes. Awarded the certificate of "Master Judges" within 2007 and 2008 Brandon Hall Excellence Award contexts. Always striving for excellence and eager to learn and increase own experience he is often contacted for providing counseling and advisory services. Previously,Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager at ISR/IMSS-University of Reading and has been working since 1984, dealing with automation, ICT, software development, security and quality assurance with a track record of over 80 international, national and corporate internal projects successful completion of which 12 projects rescued and successfully completed. Involvement in over 100 proposal writing with a success rate of 20%; development of a specific passwords and texts encryption mechanism used in banks and military domain; PhD, MBA and MSc supervision leading to graduation “cum Laude” (Hons) and in one case to the award for best graduation of the whole university. Has written several scientific articles, position papers, book chapters and the market analysis adopted as the starting point of the EC Special Task Force for Multimedia & Education.
Senior member of IEEE and ACM, belongs also to IEEE Computer Society, Communication Society, TCECS, TCSE, SA, PMI, IET, US Digital Society, NEM, IST STAR Experts group.