Network of Excellence in Internet Science

TRIP Workshop

Workshop on Internet Trust, Reputation, Identity and Privacy (TRIP) 2012

Collocated with the Social Informatics Conference (SocInfo2012)

Venue: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

4 December 2012

  • 09.30: Coffee and registration
  • 10.00: Welcome by Dr. Ian Brown
  • 10.05: Keynote by Dr. Hamed Haddadi (Queen Mary University of London) - The Value of Privacy and Monetization of Information
  • 10.35: Session 1 – Privacy (Chair: Dr. Heiko Niedermayer)
    • Samir Passi (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science) - ‘Slide to Unlock?’ – Mobile Convergence and Collapsing Contexts
    • Rayman Preet Singh (University of Waterloo) – PEDE: A Cloud-Based Personal Execution and Data Hosting Environment
    • Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye (MIT Media Lab) – Protecting the Privacy of Personal Data through Change of Ownership
  • 12.15: Lunch
  • 13.15: Keynote by Dr. Bernie Hogan (Oxford Internet Institute) - Exhibiting Identity Online
  • 13.45: Session 2 – Reputation (Chair: Prof. Sally Wyatt)
    • Dr. Laura Toogood (Digitalis Reputation) – Online Reputation Management: A Perspective from the Industry
    • Marco Bani (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna) – How to Build, Measure, and Use ‘Social Reputation’ to Foster a Better Democracy
    • Prof. Jacques Calmet (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) – Specifying Trust in Virtual Organizations
  • 15.15: Tea/coffee
  • 15.30: Session 3 – Identity & Trust (Chair: Dr. Anne-Marie Oostveen)
    • Ninia Azzopardi (Oxford Brookes University) – An Exploratory Study on how Customers Feel Towards the EU Cookie Law, and if it Affects their Trust towards a Website
    • Karmen Guevara (University of Cambridge) – Identity and Trust, the Foundations for Privacy
    • Prof. Alessandro Mantelero (Politecnico di Torino) – Competitive Value of Data Protection: The Impact of Data Protection Regulation on Online Behaviour
  • 17.00: Close and next steps, Best Presentation Award