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Travel Information

The city of Volos is served by a small airport (VOL). Please visit the airport website to see airline schedules.

Volos is also easily accessible either by Athens or Thessaloniki.

From Athens airport:

  1. At the airport take the X93 bus to the Volos Bus station called KTEL LIOSION BUS STATION.
  2. From that long distance bus station, you can take a bus to Volos, which will take you approximately 4 hours to arrive. Check the schedule for details. The cost is 5 euros for the X93 and 27.5 euros for the long distance bus ride.

From Thessaloniki airport:

At the airport, take the bus 78 to the long distance bus station and then follow step (2) as above. The bus ride to Volos will take you 2.5 hours. The cost is 0.8 euros for Bus 78 and 18 Euros for the long distance bus.