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Photo Exhibition

“ A street …… a story….’’ Or  ‘’ When a street tells its own story…’’

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As inhabitants of Volos’ city we were asked to choose  a street from its beginning to its very end and create a photo-story. A story that strives away from the conventional meaning of ‘’narration’’ and focuses on the art view-truth as the latter stems from the soul of every photographer separately. So, on the one hand we have Volos with its numerous vertical and horizontal streets which are daily crossed by its people  who , in turn, run, talk, listen, smell and collect personal testimonies within them. On the other hand, we have the people and their life in the city –the city’s life, in other words. And finally, in between them , the very city in its everyday life , through personal or collective experiences, either in the daily light or in the dark, full of spots or scars that act as poles-points of reference- for the people or their general conscience:

How do we actually see the city when we walk, ride a bike or drive a car? Which functions and uses participate in the formation of its core? What type of traces people leave on the walls? How does green exist in our lives? How is the public and private space presented? How is time along with the memory of the city and its people defined? The above issues and many more created the ‘’vocabulary’’ of the photographers and allowed every street to tell its own story.  This photo-story ended up in a video and all together constitute  a whole that resembles the mosaic of the city we live in.

But what does this city mean to us? Volos, with its characteristic shape of mesh, is the kind of motive that functions as an open-ended project on the platform of which any work could be added both in the short as well as in the long run.

We invite you to wander around together in these 11 streets of our city, through a series of photos.

The exhibition was presented by members of the Photographic Club of Volos on Friday 9th May at 20.00 p.m, at ‘’Enallax’’, 3 Metamorfoseos str. , Volos.

Participants in alphabetical order:

Apostolis Alexiou, Panagiotis Andriotis, Vana Georgala, Eleni Daponda, Giannis Koinakis, Vassilis Nimbis, Lefteris Plavos , Andreas Routsias , Giannis Tzimas, Dimitris Tsiouvakas, Maria Charalambous

Exhibition responsible & team coordinator: Lefteris Plavos

Translation: Vicky Archondi