Network of Excellence in Internet Science


Organisers' Presentations

*** Catch up on the EINS Summer School presentations on the EINSProject Channel of YouTube ***

Anna Satsiou, (CERTH) 3rd EINS Summer School

Ileana Apostol (ETH), Smart Cities? Engaged Citizens…

Lecturers' Presentations

Chris Cook (University College London), Volos 3.0: 21st Century Financing & Funding

Daniele Quercia, (Yahoo!) Crowdsourcing for the good of the city

George Koutitas (University of Thessaly), Transactive Energy in Prosumer Communities

Giuseppe Littera, (Sardex), Praxis Over Theory: how Sardex was built and how it evolves

Iordanis Koutsopoulos (CERTH), Snapshots on Research Challenges in Control and Optimization Problems for Smart Cities

Karmen Guevara, (University of Cambridge) The Study of Human Phenomena

Mark Gaved (Open University), Pioneers, Subcultures and Cooperatives: Challenges for DIY Networks

Michael Smyth (Edinburgh Napier University), Life Between Buildings: An everyday story of Urban Interactive Design

Sambit Sahu, (IBM) Big Data Analytics and Smarter City - designing smarter services with insights

Tamas David-Barrett (University of Oxford), The Nature of Emergent Societies on the Internet: Why it is so difficult to generate lasting online communities

Vasilis Sgouris, (ANEVO) Introduction to the city of Volos

Working Group Presentations

ARgos-Augmented Reality in Volos Workgroup

ARgos: Augmented Reality in Volos: Document

ARgos: Augmented Reality in Volos: Presentation

Complementary Currencies Workgroup

Complementary Currencies: Document

The EcoNauts Project @ The Chiron Centre for Social Tech

Crowdsourcing Workgroup

Crowdsourcing (VolosGeist): Document

VolosGeist: The spirit of Volos' neighbourhoods: Presentation

DIY Workgroup

DIY Networking: Document

DIY Presentations

Do It Yourself Networks

DIY Networking Group-First Day Located nodes of forums in VOLOS

Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs): A Community Infrastructure

Playing Constructively… = Calamari + Argo

Useful Documents

Mesh Network with OpenWRT Routers

Bench Mesh Pi Tutorial

eRaspberry Pi as Captive-Portal Tutorial

Urban Interaction Design Workgroup

Urban Interaction Design: Document

Photobooth-Volepsou Project: Document


Volepsou Project

CITY ΛΟΓΟΣ (Message in a box) Project

Volos Daily Quiz Project: Stimulating Engagement and Smart Citizens

Useful Documents

Message in a Box - Technical Specifications