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Sunday, August 12

14:00 onwards: Check-in at Queen's College
19:00: Pre- Welcome Dinner Drinks
19:30: Welcome Dinner (New Dining Room, Queen's College)

Monday, August 13
(All day, including lunch, at the Oxford Internet Institute, hereafter OII)

09:30: Welcome
10:00: Chris Marsden, University of Essex (Plenary): Regulation, Standards, Governance – Definitions and Disciplines
11:15: Coffee Break
11:30: Joss Wright, Oxford Internet Institute (Plenary): Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis - Mechanisms and Formal Guarantees
13:00: Lunch (OII)
14:00: Jonathan Cave, University of Warwick (Plenary): Agreeing to Disagree About Privacy: Markets as Privacy, Identity and Trust Mechanisms
15:30: Break
15:45: Break-out Sessions
17:30: End
19:00: College Dinner (New Dining Room, Queen's College)

Tuesday, August 14

10:00: Caspar Bowden: Privacy dichotomies of Internet policy (OII)
11:15: Coffee Break (OII)
11:30: Runa Sandvik, The Tor Project, London: Online Anonymity: Before and After the Spring (OII)
13:00: Lunch (Queen's College)
14:00: Break-out Sessions (Queen's College)
16:00: Break (Queen's College)
17:00: End
17:30: Punting (optional social event - Magdalen Boathouse)

Wednesday, August 15

10:00: Joanna Kulesza, University of Lodz: Transboundary Challenges of Privacy Protection (OII)
11:15: Coffee Break (OII)
11:30: Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Royal Holloway University of London: Privacy Awareness: An Inclusive Design Approach (OII)
13:00: Lunch (Queen's College)
14:00: Break-out Sessions (Queen's College)
16:00: Break (Queen's College)
17:00: End
19:30: Ghost Tour (optional social event - meet at Oxford Castle)

Thursday, August 16

10:00: Andrea Matwyshyn, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania: Code, Creativity and Identity (OII)
11:15: Coffee Break (OII)
11:30: Karmen Guevara, University of Cambridge: Dimensions of Identity, Trust and Privacy as Socio-Cultural and Psychological Phenomena (OII)
13:00: Lunch (Queen's College)
14:00: Break-out Sessions (Queen's College)
15:45: Break (Queen's College)
17:00: End
19:00: College Dinner (New Dining Room, Queen's College)

Friday, August 17
(All day at OII; lunch at Queen's College)

10:00: Kave Salamatian, Universite de Savoie and Eiko Yoneki, University of Cambridge: Privacy Preservation in the Context of Big Data Processing (OII)
11:15: Coffee Break (OII)
11:30: Working Paper Presentation 1 (OII)
13:00: Lunch (Queen's College)
14:00: Working Paper Presentation 2 (OII)
15:45: Break (OII)
16:00: Working Paper Presentation 3 (OII)
17:30: Closing Remarks (OII)
18:30: BBQ (Queen's College)

Saturday, August 18

10:00: Check-out of Queen's College


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