Network of Excellence in Internet Science


Real and Virtual Social Interactions: Crossroads and Reciprocities

Partners: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dept of Informatics, University of Crete, Psychology Dept

The understanding of ways with which people communicate and interact in their real and virtual life can offer valuable knowledge for the developing of new services and for the improving of social communications. This project proposal entitled “REVITAL : Real and Virtual Social Interactions: Crossroads and Reciprocities” has as its main objective to promote research on cross-discipline innovative methodologies for analyzing emotional information extracted from people's virtual and real social life. This is important nowadays since social networks play a crucial role in everyday life and discovering specific patterns among real and virtual lives can be beneficial for social interaction online and for new more innovative services and applications. The proposal aims to address important issues in such today’s reality in relevance to virtual and real life commonalities and diversities. In this context, the proposal will study social media activities potential reflects on real life social networking actions, will look for patterns in social media interactions triggered by real life emotional states and will search for potential reciprocal implications among such social and real life actions.

REVITAL will proceed in a methodology which will monitor and analyze people’s activity patterns which embed affective reactions and interactions in their real and virtual social interactions. Such analysis will utilize and extend state of the art methodologies which capture and monitor affective states in both real and virtual life. Affective experience patterns in real and virtual social interactions will be further analyzed and compared to detect individual emotions dynamics and their influential momentum over time. REVITAL will implement a prototype for collecting both real and virtual life activities, perform their analysis and visualize detected crossroads and reciprocities such that innovative services can be build on the basis of project’s conclusions and results.


Open Call Project Revital Deliverable 2.1: Social Network Analysis Report

Open Call Project Revital Deliverable 3.2: Prototype for web and mobile applications

Open Call Project Revital Deliverable 4.1: Revital Dissemination Toolkit