Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Mobility Report Template


The Report, maximum 2 sides of A4, should be completed and signed jointly by the Visiting Fellow and the hosting institution of the Researcher Mobility. Please send the completed and signed report by email to:  within one month of the end of your mobility programme.

 (1) Factual information

Name/Institution of Fellow:                          
EINS Hosting institution:               
Dates/Duration of Visit(s):                             
Value of mobility actual expenditure:                        

 (2) Assessment of the Visit(s)

What was your contribution to the goals of the Network of Excellence in Internet Science?
Describe how did you contribute to one or more Joint Research Activities (JRA), Integration Activities (IA) and/or Spreading Excellence Activities (SEA)?
How far have these aims been achieved?
What specific outcomes have emerged/will emerge from the visits?
What plans are in hand for building on the visits?
Did any problems arise which might provide useful learning for any future rounds?

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