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Researcher Mobility


What is the Research Mobility Programme?

This Programme aims to strengthen the cooperation and the development of joint research activities in order to broaden the horizons of researchers and promote co-advising of PhD students and early career researchers by different partners.

The Research Mobility Programme aims to facilitate transnational research and to promote knowledge flows between institutions which promote new interdisciplinary academic networks, transnational training and research mobility schemes within Europe.

This Research Mobility Programme will foster research collaboration internationally, and enhance knowledge and technology transfer between industry and academia.

Who can participate in this Programme?

This Programme targets both EINS members, as well as researchers not affiliated with any of the consortium partners. Priority will be given to PhD students and early career researchers interested in undertaking an internship or placement at one of the EINS partners to gain experience of working in a particular Joint Research Area of the Internet Science.

Faculty members affiliated to one of the EINS partner institutions are also welcome to participate. Moreover, EINS welcomes the participation of diverse groups of beneficiaries such as established scholars, practitioners, civil society advocates, entrepreneurs and policy makers to visit one of the EINS partners for a defined period to pursue research concerning one or more of the JRA initiatives.

Organizations that are not currently partner institutions of the EINS project are welcome to participate in the EINS Research Mobility Programme. Candidates outside the EINS consortium wishing to participate would have to either contact the partnering organization they wish to visit and seek funding from them available for such purposes by EINS, or support their own trip financially.

What activities can be developed during the visit?

Some of the promoted activities by this Research Mobility Programme are:

  • Supervising: based on the common interest (JRA) faculty members are welcome to co-supervise or assist PhD students of other institutions.
  • Networks of Students: PhD students with similar interests will be invited to collaborate in the ongoing activities and research (JRA).
  • Research exchange: Coordinators of PhD programmes are also invited to promote the mobility (inter-institutional visiting research) of their students, especially collaborating within one or more JRAs.

How to participate in this Programme?

EINS partner institutions, members and people interested in this Programme are requested to express their preference of research areas, as well as potential contributions to the existing joint research actions (JRA) described in the EINS website. In order to do that, please complete the forms below to create your profile.

This information will be used to facilitate the connection between candidates' interests and EINS hosting institutions' expertise:

User Mobility Profile (login required)

fill this in will help us to understand and discover members interests.

Institution Mobility Profile
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one member from each institution /partner should fill this in.

Who provides the funding for the Mobility Programme?

An equal amount of money is available to each EINS mobility partner organization either to host EINS members or externals, or to send their own members to other partnering organizations. Each partner can decide how to administrate this budget, being careful to keep records of all expenses incurred and following the requirements specified in the EINS DoW.

For further information please contact: