Network of Excellence in Internet Science

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Groups are the core of the discussion facilities. Google Groups Directory Work packages have the following groups:

Description List Address Group Archive
JRA1 Towards a Theory of Internet Science
(Leader (L) Kave Salamatian, UNIV SAVOIE) View Group
JRA2 - Emergence Theories and Design
(L: Dirk Trossen, UCAM) Methodologies View Group
JRA3 Evidence and Experimentation
(L; Serge Fdida, Mereym Marzouki, UPMC) View Group
JRA4 Governance, Regulation and Standards
(L: Chris Marsden, UESSEX) &
SEA2 Standardisation and Legislation Activities
(L: Geog Carle TUM) View Group
JRA5 Internet Privacy and Identity, Trust and Reputation Mechanisms
(L: Ian Brown, OXF) View Group
JRA6 Virtual Communities
(L: Chris Marsden, UESSEX) View Group
JRA7 Internet as a Critical Infrastructure; Security, Resilience and Dependability aspects
(L: Georg Carle, TUM) View Group
JRA8 Internet for Sustainability
(L: Bart Lannoo, IBBT) View Group
IA1 Facilitation of Researcher Mobility
(L:Cristobal Cobo, OXF) &
IA2 Joint Courses, summer schools and Graduate Programmes
(L:Kave Salamatian, UNIV SAVOIE) View Group
SEA1 e-Presence, Dissemination & Awareness Raising and Electronic Tools (L: Cristobal Cobo, OXF),
SEA3 Dissemination and Co-operation – Workshop and Conference organisation , Publications, and collaboration (L: R. Torrenti, SIGMA)&
SEA4 Organisation of Call for Proposals (L; Leandros Tassiulas, CERTH). View Group
MA1 Review, Assessment and Reporting &
MA2 Administration
(for both L: Stavroula Maglavera (CERTH)) View Group

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External Email Addresses / Existing accounts

At this time, if you wish to use your existing Google account to access the groups, we can only offer email access, and not access to; You will however be able to recieve the posts via email, and contribute via sending email to the group specific email address