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JRA2 Workshop June 2014

JRA2 Workshop June 2014

JRA2 workshop: Interdisciplinary Coups to Calamities

Hosted by ACM WebSci’14

23 June, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Successful interdisciplinary collaboration is essential to Web Science, yet surprisingly little guidance exists about how to reach across disciplines and achieve successful collaborations. The fast pace of both academic and practitioner workplaces limits the possibilities for mindful reflection about success factors in this complex area. This workshop aims to provide such a space and generate insights relevant to the whole community, particularly newcomers and those communities with whom Web Scientists wish to connect.

This workshop offers the opportunity to share and reflect on experiences of interdisciplinary collaboration: from the outstanding to disastrous, and from the surprising to the confusing. If you have ever reached across disciplines and felt there was some lesson to be learned afterwards - whether you had time to reflect on it or not - this is the workshop for you.

Attendees of this workshop will each have time to share a brief summary of their collaboration, what happened, and why. We will generate keywords for each attendee's contribution and use a group working session to find parallels, discrepancies and unexpected insights across the collaborations. We will identify key issues (and possible solutions) in interdisciplinary work, yielding insights for the Web Science community regarding the common issues we face and practical approaches to combat these.

For more information, please visit the workshop website.