Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Joint Courses, Summer Schools and Graduate Programmes (IA2)

About this Working Group

Complementing the Network's various Integrating Activities, summer schools and joint courses in the various research areas will promote interdisciplinary study of the Internet and, above all, will contribute to a recognition at an academic level of the various multidisciplinary fields of work that relate to Internet Science. The Summer School initiative is therefore seen as a multi-disciplinary opportunity to exchange institutional research projects as well as other relevant academic initiatives. The creation of an Internet Science syllabus that integrates sciences and interdisciplinary research methods will also be discussed within the Summer Schools.

Stakeholders interested in the creation of an Internet Science, for example policy makers, entrepreneurs, Internet providers, and technology developers, will be invited to participate in the Summer Schools and workshops. Annual internal workshops will provide the basis for reaching the relevant research communities. An outcome of these meetings will be a white paper to promote the relevance of joint efforts in creating an "Internet Science".

The organization of the joint graduate level courses is detailed here

IA2 Deliverables

Deliverable 10.1.1 Report on organization of joint graduate courses

Deliverable 10.1.2: Report on organisation of joint graduate courses

Deliverable 10.1.3: 3rd report on organization of joint graduate courses

Deliverable 10.2.1: Report on the 1st EINS Summer School

Deliverable 10.2.2: Report on organisation of 2nd EINS summer school

Deliverable 10.2.3: 3rd report on organization of summer schools: From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens, Volos 2014

Deliverable 10.3: Description of Internet Science Curriculum

Deliverable 10.4: Analysis of the feasibility of a European graduate program in internet science