Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Emergence Theories and Design (JRA2)

About this Working Group

The objectives of this JRA are directly derived from our vision and overall approach, i.e., it complements the development of scientific understanding in various areas such as information theory, network economics and evolution and many others with the development of a set of tools and methodologies addressing the emergence or the design of large-scale systems based on this scientific understanding. In other words, the work in JRA2 complements JRA1 in such a way that it provides the necessary insight into the set of processes by which individual solutions become part of a larger whole, complemented by JRA3 in its work to lay the foundation for structuring the empirical evidence resulting from these processes. Similar to JRA1, this identification of processes (and methodologies to capture such processes) is to be based on a scientific basis itself with the help of approaches from various disciplines, such as system dynamics, game theory, user-centric design and many others. Examples of such methodologies are system dynamics modelling, game-theoretic approaches, OSTA (open system task analysis) and others. These methodologies take into explicit account the concerns (e.g., economics, governance, security, privacy) brought into the design process by a variety of stakeholders and design communities.

It is the inherent multi-disciplinary nature of the problem of emergence and design that lies at the heart of this JRA, which will be informed by the various ‘design communities’. It will also possibly inform the deeper scientific developments within these specialized disciplines through a multi-disciplinary dialogue (possibly channeled through JRA1 in specialized areas). The end goal of this dialogue is the development of a set of rigorous emergence theories and design methods that are eventually rooted in a deep scientific foundation enriched by our increasing understanding of the Internet as a complex system; this increased understanding in the deeper areas is being developed in JRA1. The development of these methodologies and the understanding of the necessary processes is not only expected to aid the technical system design community but also provide the necessary understanding for communities such as standardization and regulatory bodies and also funding agencies to understand emergence and foster large-scale design in a more rigorous and productive way. For this, we envision the development of appropriate whitepapers and roadmaps to the appropriate communities. With that, the core objective of this JRA can be formulated as developing a science of emergence and design that complements the scientific and technological developments in the various contributory disciplines and enriches our capability to evaluate the system consequences of basic architectural or infrastructural choices.

JRA2 Deliverables

Deliverable 2.1.1: Repository of methodologies, design tools and use cases

Deliverable 2.1.2: Repository of methodologies, design tools and use cases

Deliverable 2.1.3: Repository of methodologies, design tools and use cases

Deliverable 2.2.1: Initial Recommendations for Standards Bodies

Deliverable 2.2.2: Final Recommendations for Standard Bodies

Deliverable 2.3: Whitepaper on recommendations for funding agencies

Deliverable 2.4.1: 1st Report on integration and excellence building in Emergence Theories and Design Methodologies

Deliverable 2.4.2: 2nd Report on integration and excellence building in emergence theories and design methodologies

Deliverable 2.4.3: 3rd report on integration and excellence building in emergence theories and design methodologies