Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Dissemination and Cooperation: Workshop and Conference Organisation (SEA3)

About this Working Group

As part of the spreading of Excellence and the maximisation of the impact of its scientific and technological activity on the European society the project is using three main dissemination mechanisms, i.e. workshop and conferences, whitepapers and joint publications, and the dissemination to other relevant national, European and international projects and research activities. This working group aims to integrate all the related disciplines through joint activities, conferences, workshops, and publications. Two major efforts have been proposed:

  • A cross-disciplinary conference bringing together researchers from all relevant domains.
  • A special issue jointly and concurrently published in major journals of the related domains. This novel approach to inter- and cross-disciplinary collaboration brings high innovation potential as well as a non-negligible risk. To this end, the network will also promote and support the creation of new multidisciplinary journals covering key Internet Science areas, also through innovative online publishing platforms, using open data access.

Apart from these cross-domain and multi-disciplinary measures, the work will also be promoted within each discipline through the organization of special sessions at major international conferences and the organization of specific workshops to provide forums for enhancing the network's work and enhancing the visibility of the various Internet Science areas of focus in the broader community.

SEA3 Deliverables

Deliverable 13.1 Survey on Internet Science Research

Deliverable 13.2.1 Internet Science – Going Forward: Internet Science Roadmap (Preliminary Version)

Deliverable 13.2.2: Internet Science - Going Forward: Internet Science Roadmap

Deliverable 13.3.1 Dissemination report

Deliverable 13.3.2: Dissemination report

Deliverable 13.3.3: Dissemination report

Deliverable 13.4.1: Report on identified related European projects and cooperation opportunities

Deliverable 13.4.2: Report on identified related European projects and cooperation activities

Deliverable 13.5: Publication of cross-disciplinary multiple-journal special issue