Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Working Groups

The Network of Excellent in Internet Science is divided into different working groups, separated into the areas of Joint Research Activities (JRA), Integration Activities (IA), and Spreading Excellence Activities (SEA). See the Working Group Blogs.

Group Title Type Shortname
Facilitation of Researcher Mobility Integration Activity IA1
Joint Courses, Summer Schools and Graduate Programmes Integration Activity IA2
Towards a Theory of Internet Science Joint Research Activity JRA1
Emergence Theories and Design Joint Research Activity JRA2
Evidence and Experimentation Joint Research Activity JRA3
Governance, Regulation and Standards Joint Research Activity JRA4
Internet Privacy and Identity, Trust and Reputation Mechanisms Joint Research Activity JRA5
Virtual Communities Joint Research Activity JRA6
Internet as a Critical Infrastructure: Security, Resilience and Dependability Aspects Joint Research Activity JRA7
Internet for Sustainability Joint Research Activity JRA8
Standardisation and Legislation Activities Spreading Excellence Activity SEA2
Dissemination and Cooperation: Workshop and Conference Organisation Spreading Excellence Activity SEA3
Organisation of Call for Proposals Spreading Excellence Activity SEA4