Network of Excellence in Internet Science

EINS @ ICT2013

EINS participation at the European Commission's ICT 2013 conference

Vilnius, November 2013

EINS participated in ICT 2013 event 6-8/11 in Vilnius by having both an exhibition booth and a networking session joined with CAPS. The exhibition booth attracted a lot of people of different age, gender, country, background, who were enthusiastic about the project, expressed their interest in cooperating in any possible way and become affiliates. About 50 of them also gave short interviews providing their opinion on interesting questions related to the Future Internet, Internet Science, its importance and formulation requirements. The interviews were collected and the video shows the various opinions expressed:

From 00:00: What do you expect from the Internet in the Future?

From 22:51: Is there a need for Internet Science?

From 31:25: What could be the contribution of Internet Science to Humanity?

From 32:16: What is needed to formulate such a new science?



The presentations of the panellists in the networking session follow: 

L. Tassiulas (CERTH), EINS Overview

R. Torrenti (CEO Sigma Orionis), CAPS in FP7 and in Horizon 2020

L. Fulling (Euclid Network), CATALYST – FP7 CAPS

A. Vakali, D. Chatzakou, M. Giatsoglou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and K. Kafetsios (University of Crete), Real and Virtual Social Interactions

I. Koutsopoulos (CERTH), Collective Intelligence and Social Awareness: A case study with Community Question and Answering (CQA) systems

I. Koutsopoulos (CERTH), Privacy in the Internet

C. Laspidou (CERTH), Internet and CAPS for Sustainability