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Standardisation and Legislation Activities

European Communications Policy Research conference 2015 - follow #EuroCPR2015

Many EINS researchers and affiliates are presenting papers or discussions at this conference, the 4th annual EuroCPR during the EINS project

Internet Science in standardization?

The project EINS is about the establishment of Internet Science as interdiscplinary discipline to study the Internet. The motivation for the project is that isolated mono-disciplinary views may not adequately describe what really happens on the Internet. One may now wonder if this is also true for standardization. Do we need Internet Science and with it the social sciences or non-ICT (ICT = Information and Communication technology, here it also includes mathematics, physics and similar disciplines) participation in general in our technical standardization processes?

Jari Arkko on IETF's 2013 and plans for 2014

"Internet-governance. Largely fuelled by the surveillance discussion, in 2013 we saw a lot of discussion about Internet governance on existing and new forums. This will continue in 2014. Our role at the IETF is to be a part of the growing Internet community who cares that the Internet can continue to be managed in appropriate ways, consistent with its long evolution.

Internet Governance month on LSE blog

October was Internet governance month - not least due to the JRA4 activities at #igf2013 - see the SIXTEEN posts on Alison Powell's epic blogging month at the LSE here:

A standard or not a standard? A report from TUM being at IETF 87.

Each year the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) has meetings on multiple continents including Europe. IETF 87 was in Berlin July 28- August 2, 2013. A representative from TUM presented a proposal for standardization at the IRTF part of the IETF meeting. Now, what is the IRTF?

Internet Censorship and Control Papers

Hal Roberts and Steven J. Murdoch of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory have edited a collection of papers on Internet Censorship and Control that are now available online as an open access collection at They write, "The Internet is and has always been a space where participants battle for control.

WSIS +10 "the self-praising feast of multi-stakeholderism in internet governance"

"WSIS’s “summit” status (thus, not that of a permanent intergovernmental organisation), only enabled it to make recommendations crafted by consensus. However, because of the novelty of its approach and the vocabulary used to convey the urgency of addressing ICT issues in the global political arena, WSIS is widely regarded as having introduced, in the first half of the 2000s, a shift in the understanding and the appropriations of ICT-related changes and the development of the internet.

EINS meeting in INFSO newsletter


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