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Dissemination and Cooperation: Workshop and Conference Organisation

Super-fused innovation: results of Brighton study into arts-humanities interaction with ICT

This 6 minute video ( presents the results of a large scale interdisciplinary and inter-institutional study that has resulted in the greater Brighton project - for those who don't know, Brighton is in some ways the San Francisco of the UK (Cambridge is more the Boston Highway Corridor). The larger presentation is here:

Forthcoming Conferences and Workshops

Following on from Chris Marsden's recent email, please find below a list of forthcoming conferences and workshops related to EINS, that you might be interested in attending. Listed also are the dates of the calls for papers, should you wish to submit a paper.

7th International Conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP), Brussels, 22-24 January 2014 - Call for papers closed.

EINS Special Session at SustainIT conference, 31 October 2013, Palermo

Next Thursday, 31st October, at the SustainIT Conference, Bart Lannoo will lead an "EINS Special Session". The SustainIT Conference grew out of the increasing social awareness about the need for containing energy consumption within sustainable rates. It seeks to bring together people from different research areas, and provide a forum to exchange ideas, discuss solutions, and share experiences among researchers, professionals, and application developers both from industry and academia.

EINS at the ICT 2013 Conference!

EINS at the ICT 2013 Conference!

EC ICT Conference 2013

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the EINS project will have a strong presence at this year's forthcoming European Commission ICT Conference, to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Networking Booth, 8th Nov: 09:00-10:30 (Booth 4)

Internet Governance Forum workshop 20/10 at #igf2013

The workshop page has been updated with speakers, discussion etc.

Co-chair Prof Chris Marsden has written on the LSE Internet Governance blog about the event and its outcomes:

Bill Gates invests in Research Gate - a new raw data collaboration model?

"According to Madisch, the first task is to refine the product, particularly aspects such as its API. “This will be the interface to the outside world so people can build applications using our data,” he said. “We want to be the telephone for scientists, but we won’t be able to build all the different apps.” ResearchGate already gives universities and specific departments the ability to set up their own pages on the platform.

Internet Science Conference keynote talks now available

We are very pleased to announce that 6 of the speeches from the first day of the recent International Conference on Internet Science are now available on YouTube!

Talks by the invited speakers Ziga Turk, Martin Hynes and Carl-Christian Buhr’s are all now available to view, as are the ‘setting the scene’ lectures from keynote speakers Urs Gasser, Jon Crowcroft and Andrea Matwyshyn.