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Peer-reviewed digital scholarship

Provocative (peer-reviewed) article: Risam, R. (2013) Rethinking Peer Review in the Age of Digital Humanities. Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, No.4. doi:10.7264/N3WQ0220

The problem of author disambiguation addressed in a recent publication

The study of science at the individual micro-level frequently requires the disambiguation of author names. The creation of author's publication oeuvres involves matching the list of unique author names to names used in publication databases. Despite recent progress in the development of unique author identifiers, e.g., ORCID, VIVO, or DAI, author disambiguation remains a key problem when it comes to large-scale bibliometric analysis using data from multiple databases.

New institute will advance the interdisciplinary study of networks

Yale will establish an Institute of Network Science to bring together researchers from many disciplines to advance the study of networks, President-Elect Peter Salovey announced April 11. "The study of networks is dramatically transforming many academic fields and practices,” Salovey said. “The Yale Institute of Network Science (YINS) will be a novel collaboration of faculty from the sciences that explore and contribute to this exciting new interdisciplinary field of knowledge.” YINS will be co-directed by Daniel A.

'info' journal: special issue papers on future of Internet Governance


Over the last ten years the policies for the future internet, be it around technical standards, competition dynamics, innovation, the role of intermediaries or the protection of public interest goals have been intensely discussed. There remains a manifest difference between the dynamics of technological change and the dynamics of proactive regulation. The search after and development of policies for the future internet illustrates the persistent and critical gap between technological artifacts and their implications in actual market behavior and the regulatory process.

National Science Foundation interdisciplinary work on Internet architecture

The involvement of lawyers and economists as well as computer scientists (see Nebula team members: should be of great interest for the European Internet Science community. EINS member Jonathan Cave recently attended a NEBULA workshop at UPenn.

Announcing publication of a relevant textbook

I am pleased to announce the publication of my book: "Mathematical Foundations of Computer Networking" by Addison-Wesley. Details and a sample chapter can be found at .

EINS meeting in INFSO newsletter


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