Network of Excellence in Internet Science

#Postsnowden workshop at Sussex, Freeman F22 8 May 3pm

The workshop will focus on issues of information governance and social networking, in particular the future of privacy and surveillance in the European space. As it is held a few hours after the UK General Election, it is likely to be held in a government-free space with the UK still in the EU and Scotland still in the UK. This follows previous #PostSnowden events including at LSE in November 2013. This might be post-post-Snowden…

Speakers will be:  Profesor Ian Brown, Dr Andres Guadamuz (@Technollama), Dr Judith Rauhofer, and myself.  Titles to be announced (I will of course discuss personal data as silk not oil, regulating code and Edwardian Snowden . As an interactive workshop, we expect participants to come armed with opinions. Do feel free to circulate to other interested parties. It is free to attend and student travel mobility scholarships are available through the Internet Science project which is sponsoring the event:

If you cannot make this date, a much large #digiveillance conference will be held in Cardiff 18-19 June, in the ESRC research project "Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society: UK State-Media-Citizen Relations after the Snowden Leaks" which I am honoured to advise: