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The problem of author disambiguation addressed in a recent publication

The study of science at the individual micro-level frequently requires the disambiguation of author names. The creation of author's publication oeuvres involves matching the list of unique author names to names used in publication databases. Despite recent progress in the development of unique author identifiers, e.g., ORCID, VIVO, or DAI, author disambiguation remains a key problem when it comes to large-scale bibliometric analysis using data from multiple databases. This study introduces and validates a new methodology called seed+expand for semi-automatic bibliographic data collection for a given set of individual authors. Specifically, we identify the oeuvre of a set of Dutch full professors during the period 1980-2011. In particular, we combine author records from the National Research Information System (NARCIS) with publication records from the Web of Science. Starting with an initial list of 8,378 names, we identify "seed publications" for each author using five different approaches. Subsequently, we "expand" the set of publication in three different approaches. The different approaches are compared and resulting oeuvres are evaluated on precision and recall using a "gold standard" dataset of authors for which verified publications in the period 2001-2010 are available.



Reijnhoudt, L., Costas, R., Noyons, E., Boerner, K., & Scharnhorst, A. (2013). “Seed+Expand”: A validated methodology for creating high quality publication oeuvres of individual researchers. Preprint Computer Science Digital Libraries arXiv13015177 csDL. Retrieved from Accepted for the ISSI 2013