Network of Excellence in Internet Science

Request for Speaker Recommendations for Summer School


The Queen's College, founded 1341, is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. EINS location for the next Summer School

[The Queen's College, founded 1341, is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford]


Dear Internet Science colleagues, 

Many thanks for your feedback about the theme for our Internet Science Summer School. Based on our member poll, "Internet Privacy and Identity, Trust and Reputation Mechanism" was selected as a main theme. 

The daily schedule will be a combination of morning lectures and afternoon breakout discussion sessions. We aim to organise the afternoon discussions around three main sub-themes, which we will develop based on your recommendations. One recommended discussion sub-theme is the ACTA/SOPA debate.
Another recommendation was to address cognitive architectures in our discussions. 

We ask for feedback on two things:

1. Recommendations for additional sub-themes that can be discussed from multiple disciplinary perspectives within the Internet Privacy and Identity, Trust and Reputation Mechanism topic.

2. To represent the disciplinary diversity of the group, we request recommendations for speakers from disciplines including engineering (e.g., computation, complexity, networking, security), mathematics, physics, game theory, and social sciences (e.g., sociology, economics, political sciences, education, psychology), humanities, and law. Chris Marsden has generously offered to lead a lecture and we encourage other colleagues to volunteer their time or recommend colleagues whose research relates to our theme.

The summer school will be hosted at Queens College in Oxford from 12 - 19 August, 2012.

Please send an email to Monica Bulger and Cristobal Cobo with your recommendations by March 16, 2012.