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EINS: Summer School Topics Poll

Dear EINS partners,

In order to start the organization of the 1st EINS summer school, all partners are invited to suggest one or two critical topics for this activity. Partners also are welcome to suggest sub-topics that will be included in the programme to foster lively interdisciplinary discussion.

Please visit the following poll and vote for (or suggest) a topic or sub-topic:

Important information:
- Please note that you have to log in to vote in the poll.
- The poll will be closed by next Friday, 17 February at 13:00 GMT.
- The dates of the 1st EINS summer school will be 11th August to 19th of August 2012 at the Queen's College (, Oxford University. UK
- Further information about the 1st EINS summer school will be provided during the next plenary meeting.

If you need more information, please contact us

Kind regards,

Monica Bulger
Cristobal Cobo



karmen.guevara's picture

I know that I've missed the deadline.  But perhaps it's not too late to suggest a sub-topic or topics around the area of cognitive architectures and human dimensions related to behaviours etc.

cristobal.cobo's picture

Thanks Karmen:
IWe will take note of your suggestion. More information about the Summer School shortly.