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Weekly Issue - 5 April 2012
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 EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT Network of Excellence in Internet Science - Plenary

10 April 2012 - 11 April 2012 Brussels, Belgium

The objective of the Network of Excellence (NoE) is to allow an open and
productive dialogue between all the disciplines which study the Internet
systems under any technological or humanistic perspective, and which in
turn are being transformed by the continuous advances in Internet
functionalities and applications. To achieve this objective, the NoE in
Internet Science will bring together research institutions focusing on
network engineering, computation, complexity, security, trust,
mathematics, physics, sociology, game theory, economics, political
sciences, humanities, law, energy, transport, artistic expression, and any
other relevant social and life sciences.  This first workshop is
presenting some of its research targets, including aspects of leisure,
arts, sustainability, open government, civil hacking, and interactions
with the no disconnection strategy. Participation is free but prior
registration is required.

Contact: To register mail to Fabrizio Sestini and mention "internet
science" in the subject <>
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RESEARCH RESULT New frontier: Chips transfer data at light speed

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