Network of Excellence in Internet Science


Type of Publication Year of Publication Which JRA does it relate to?
“Seed + expand”: a general methodology for detecting publication oeuvres of individual researchers Journal Article 2014
Towards modelling unpredictable disturbance in networks – how interdisciplinary science can help Conference Paper 2014 JRA7
Nonconsensus opinion model on directed networks Journal Article 2014 JRA5
Nash Equilibria in Shared Effort Games Conference Proceedings 2014 JRA5
All quiet on the internet front? Magazine Article 2014 JRA5
Content Propagation in Online Social Networks Thesis 2014
Complete game-theoretic characterization of SIS epidemics protection strategies Conference Proceedings 2014 JRA5
IAA: Incentive-based anonymous authentication scheme in Smart Grids Conference Paper 2015 JRA5
Child Location Tracking in the US and the UK: Same Technology, Different Social Implications Journal Article 2014 JRA5
Foreign surveillance: law and practice in a global digital environment Journal Article 2014 JRA5
Keeping Our Secrets? Designing Internet Technologies for the Public Good Journal Article 2014 JRA5
Privacy as Articulation Work in HIV Health Services Conference Proceedings 2015 JRA5
The feasibility of transatlantic privacy-protective standards for surveillance Journal Article 2015 JRA5
Net Neutrality: Discrimination, Competition, and Innovation in the UK and US Journal Article 2015 JRA5
Network Science, Web Science and Internet Science: comparing interdisciplinary areas Conference Proceedings 2015 JRA1
Using electric vehicles to improve building energy sustainability Conference Paper 2014 JRA8
Social Cognitive Heuristics for Adaptive Data Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks Conference Paper 2015 JRA1
The Structure of Online Social Networks Mirror Those in the Offline World Journal Article In Press JRA6
The stability region of the delay in Pareto opportunistic networks Journal Article 2015 JRA1
Crowdsourcing about Places through Cognitive Opportunistic Networks Journal Article In Press JRA1
Collective awareness as a public good: bottom-up experimentation with the NetHood toolkit Journal Article In Press JRA1
Emotional experience in real and virtual social interactions: An event sampling study Conference Paper 2015 JRA3
Investigating the nature of routing anomalies: Closing in on subprefix hijacking attacks Conference Proceedings 2015 JRA3, JRA7
Data-Centric Service-Oriented Management of Things Conference Paper 2015 JRA1, JRA7
Semantics-Preserving Simplification of Real-World Firewall Rule Sets Conference Paper In Press JRA7