Network of Excellence in Internet Science

JRA1 Workshop: Sept 2014

Collective intelligence, coordinated group action and communities on the Internet

EINS JRA1 Workshop

Trinity College, University of Oxford

16-17 September 2014

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The EINS JRA1 workshop is to take place in Trinity College, University of Oxford Tuesday and Wednesday 16-17 September 2014. The focus of the workshop is how collective intelligence, in a broad sense, emerges in human on-line networks and how this affects the process of the emergence of communities.


Collective conceptual map on the meaning of ‘Collective Intelligence’

Prof Robin Dunbar (U Oxford): Evolutionary Foundations Of Human Social Behaviour And Its Manifestation On The Internet

Dr Fabrizio Sestini: Europe’s Quest to Generate Internet-based Communities

Prof Jonathan Cave (U Warwick): Strategic coordination and learning on networks

Prof Chris Marsden (U Sussex): Do privacy issues interfere with community dynamics on the Internet?

Prof Kave Salamatian (U Savoi): Philosophical Foundations of Collective Intelligence

Debate: The future of parallel currencies

Panel: Impact of architecture on the emergence of communities in the internet: The Distributed or Central Conundrum 

Crowd sourcing of reputation, rating corporate social responsibility of companies

Dr Tamas David-Barrett: The New You vs. the Old You: does the Internet change human sociality? (a short report from JRA6’s workshop at the HBES conference)

Debate: internet communities should be designed, or left free to emerge

Employing internet of things to facilitate the emergence and empower urban communities 

Methodology workshop: A series of 5 min presentations on new methods of collecting data (eg., local data, not via centralised means); and new findings at least partially from these empirics (please sign up)


Applications I

Prof Victor Seidel (Babson College and Harvard University): The role of on-line rumour and customer communities in shaping corporate innovation 

Applications II

Crowd sourcing and urban community well-being – urban design experience in interaction between emergent local communities and local crowd sourcing technologies

Applications III

Using collective network intelligence in health care provision



Trinity College has very kindly offered a number of rooms in College that are at a very reasonable rate. The College also has a (limited) number of rooms available from a few days earlier in case you would like to spend the weekend in Oxford.